Healing Melodies

Healing Melodies is my musical ministry targeted to seniors, that uses music as therapy to stimulate memory and coordination through motivation, movement and storytelling.

Dinner with Debra

Come join us for music, good food, meet old and new friends and have a nice evening out.

Swing Time

I have been a fan of swing music for many years, but now I have the pleasure of singing with two swing bands singing everything from Ella to Queen Latifa.


Healing Melodies

Healing Melodies was created nearly 20 years ago, through a desire to make a difference to a population that is often forgotten.

I believe that music is a powerful gift from God, and has healing powers. I am witness to this every day as I see sour faces turn sweet as they sing along to songs from their youth.

I have sung all over this country and abroad in night clubs, for the troops, and in Opera and Musical Theater, but I feel that singing for these precious people really makes a difference in their lives, and in mine.

Please go to the Shows page for a description of all available shows and song lists.

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Dinner with Debra

"What good is sitting alone in your room?  Come hear the music play."

This line from Cabaret has become my mantra for Dinner with Debra.  Computer screens have all but replaced face-to-face encounters.  It's time to bring back the days of coming out to meet with friends, making new ones, and enjoying a good meal and good music.

Dinner with Debra is a musical get-together every Thursday night at Quick and Delicious Family Restaurant at 6pm.  Come for the food, come for the friends, and come for the fun!

See the Gallery for more pics and videos from Dinner with Debra.

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Bucket List: Sing with a Big Band

I toured the country with a disco band in the '80s complete with big hair, big shoulders, and big voice. (don't' judge me).  I've sung with several R & B bands, Cleveland Opera Chorus, and the Dynamic Duo on the Country Club circuit.  But there was one thing left on my list.  Sing with a Big Band.  Well, I can check that off of my list.  Twice.  I have the pleasure of singing with Swing City Big Band, and TOPS Swing Band.  Let me tell you, I am truly in my element as I swing songs by Ella Fitzgerald, get Bluesey with songs by Queen Latifa, and even a little Latin with songs by Michael Bluble.  For more about these bands and our performance schedule, see the Event page.

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